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Homestay Experience in Richmond - London by TOUROPE UK

Nothing beats a view of the river, particularly on a sunny day. You can sit and relax nearby the boats on the steps of the towpath, have a picnic on the grass or visit many pubs and chill out in the cafes and restaurants overlooking the river. We are inviting you to share all the goodness of our community in Richmond. Our English families are hosting groups and individual students from Europe, South and North America, from the Far East, from Commonwealth Countries as well as the Middle East and many countries around the world. Here are some major points that how we provide an excellent English homestay experience here in London.

As Tourope UK, our main goal is to immerse our students in English culture while staying in our beautiful English community in London. Just join us for this immaculate British experience in the world’s capital. Because İt’s the time to turn your holiday break into a traditional way of living in London!

Staying with an English Host Family in Richmond, London. There is no better way to experience the British Culture and the British way of life staying with an English host family. We are welcoming our international student groups from many countries into our community in Richmond, London since 1993.

Richmond is one of the most popular areas in London. Our Royal suburban town is situated in South-West London, Zone 4, in the meander of worldwide known River Thames. Richmond’s tranquil riverbank is worth exploring for its historic pubs, high-end restaurants, luxurious shops, historic houses and a huge park full of Queen’s deer.

  • Our host families are English, and they are all native English speakers
  • Our family members have DBS check in the Police department, and we have been working with them for many years. Our families are the members of our big family in the Richmond community
  • All of the English families are regularly inspected and visited by the local housing coordinators living in the same area
  • Our English host families live in the same proximity and every house is just in walking distance. This gives a great control for chaperones, group leaders and supervisors over their student’s group in the same area,
  • Our families treat our international students to be the part of our community here at Richmond
  • Our English families encourage our students to speak English at all times. Only English is spoken in our houses. No other languages, sorry!
  • We have an excellent public transportation system that connects our homes to Central London. We live in the centre of the world. Our visitors enjoy London in every way
  • Our community have important and outstanding Ofsted rated primary and secondary schools including libraries. It’s a great environment for international and local students,
  • We have a great lawn and a wonderful lake with swans and squirrels playing. Our students and local kids can play football, volleyball, tennis and other ball games every night to enjoy the environment,
  • Our English host families can host single, double, triple even 4 students in a house depending on your request,
  • Almost 90% of our houses have gardens and they are typically English Country type houses with or without a pet, close to the city centre,
  • Your breakfasts, packed lunches (if required) and dinners will freshly be served and you will be amazed the excellent taste of British cuisine such as homemade fish and chips, ale washed steak pie, different type of pasta as well as other well-known British style meals in your home.