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Tours to Bruges

Explore Bruges ethnic heritage, once the centre of the West and home of the Flemish masters of the pre-Renaissance.

Photo-Gothic façades, cobblestones and pipes characterize this Flemish city. Beyond all the chocolate shops there is a lot to look at. Guided tours of the historical centre of the city, whose pavement is surrounded by medieval façades, can conduct you to Bruges. Book the route for two hours on chocolate with us! The Tour-after mastering your trip-includes the Choco-Story break, a museum (with tastings!) that shows how cocoa is transformed over time to chocolate. Give a try on one of our tours.

Grab a snack with the traditional Belgian fries, deliciously crisp. If you are impressed by their flavour, go to the Frietmuseum to learn about the characters promoting the potato in the Gothic Saaihalle (one of the most imposing buildings in Bruges), the invention of incongruously known “fry frisk” and how they can fry perfectly. Yes, there are free samples for you!

Venice of the North is described by many European cities with canals, Amsterdam, and sometimes even Manchester and Liverpool. Of those places, it’s not true, but of Bruges it’s true. The best way to see the city is by finding someone who takes you on a private boat. If you start out first in the morning, especially on an autumn and winter day, when the water is fog- like, you can feel that you are travelling back into the past. You can almost fool yourself in this city. Bruges may be small, but it has over 80 bridges which allow you to travel easily across the town and reach the other side of the canals.

There are many monuments and museums in this town. The Church of Our Lady is perhaps the most renowned medieval building. It actually has the world’s tallest brick tower. The Basilique of the Holy Blood also has its place for pilgrims with their relics. For art lovers, Bruges is also the city. For example, the Groeninge Museum contains seven-century artworks. Belgium is also well known for its beer, and not visiting a brasserie like the De Hals Maan Brewery in Bruges would be a pity. West Flanders ‘ capital is a city that will delight you with its loci genius. Although the weather is quite unstable, the beauty of the historical centre is sure to offset a few drops of rain!

Enjoy a walk in the tranquil garden of Beguinage (Beguinage) which was set up in 1245 as an institution for religious women’s housing. Walk to Minnewater Park for swans on the narrow stretch which divides the leafy park from Poertoren tower. Before you leave, don’t forget to shop for chocolate in Bruges’ candy shops, famous for its beautiful historic streets.

Bruges is a dream city, and we are here to make your dream come true. Enjoy one of our Bruges tours. Be part of this unforgettable experience in the heart of Europe.

Things to do in Bruges

Although the city small but there are lots of things to do. The Holy Blood Basilica is a majestic 12th-century view of the Precious Blood relic – a bowl that is said to be the blood of Christ.

Burg Square is the city centre, a smaller square. Full of wonderful architecture and a must see. The Provincial Court is in the centre of the city an amazing neo-gothic building. A must for architecture enthusiasts. The Belfry Tower with its well – known 47-bell carillon is a famous landmark of the town. If you climb up the steps, your reward will be a breathtaking view. Rosary Quai is a starting point for many boat excursions and the best view in Bruges. A perfect place for pictures. 

Our Lady’s Church is the second tallest brick tower in the world’s majestic church. It holds Michelangelo’s sculpture of the Madonna and Child. The chocolate museum Choco-Story is the last place for chocolate enthusiasts to learn about the history of chocolate and how it is made. The city hall is a splendid reminder of the prosperity of the city in the 16th century. The building and the interior are decorated with great beauty. The Gothic Hall Bruges is a magnificent hall on the castle grounds that presents the history of the city, which has been painted on its walls. The only family brewery left in Bruges with a long tradition way is De Halve Maan Brewery. Guided tours are offered in a brewery. A restaurant with its traditional beers is also notable. 

Greenery Promenade is a lovely walk through one of the canals of the city and a great opportunity to look at the city. The Holy Savior Cathedral was previously promoted to a common church in the aftermath of Belgium’s independence. Lovely screening Gobelins inside. Groeninge Museum is an outstanding museum of art which is proud of the collection of early Flamenco masters. Various additional works are displayed. Tanners ‘ Square is named after the leather workers of their guild. The Fish Market is also known. An excellent place to take pictures. The Van Oost Chocolate Shop contains both classic and creative hand – made chocolate treats. A great place to buy gifts for home sending. A true Renaissance gem, now housing the town arches, is Palace of the Liberty of Bruges. See the majestic fireplace made in honour of Emperor Charles V. 

The Shopping Gallery Zilverpand is not your typical mall – stores are spread across three streets, providing you with a unique shopping discovery. Hof Arents Square is a quiet place that most tourists see hidden from them. In the middle, there are four sculptures – Rider of the Revelation by Rik Poot. The ‘Love Lake’ is known to Minnewater Lake as well. Surrounded by a park and overlooked by a lake terrace for a perfect view. 2be Food shopping Brugge has made all the Belgians a prestigious shop – beer, chocolate and more. It’s also a beer bar. 

The Church of St. James, founded in 1240, is the magnificent Early Gothic Church. The interior has paintings from the XVIth to XVIIIth century. The Church of St. Walburga is a delightful element of Baroque architecture in Gothic churches of the city. It was used as the Jesuits’ home. Koningin Astrid Park is a spacious and wonderful park near the centre of the city. Astridpark Koningin There is a playground for children and a pond.


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