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Tours to Brussels

The city of Brussels was not designed to impress anyone–however, travellers discovered its charm when it had become the seat of numerous European institutions. It is now and for good reason one of Europe's most popular destinations.

In order to create a unique landscape, Brussels combines gothic and medieval size with modern office buildings, comparing the Grand Square of Brussels and the European Parliament.  Brussels has far more to offer as a centre of Europe’s culture and institutions that many people can imagine. Almost 90 museums, lovely parks, architecture, bars and many more are located apart from their famous chocolates and beers. Brussels a city of atmosphere, not just a sightseeing city. The café culture and the love of surrealism prevail here–you might actually feel like visiting Paris. Do not forget that Brussels is also the capital of fashion and design and the city is not lacking the metropolitan atmosphere as a European melting pot. And you’ll also want to see the fabulous party scene in the city when night falls. 

Brussels has been Europe’s political capital since the end of the Second World War. The town comprises EU institutions, headquarters of the Organization of the North Atlantic Treaty, international organisations, politicians, diplomats and officials. It’s also the EU and Belgium’s capital.

Below are some interesting facts about the city that all these nations could have entrusted to it. Brussels’ sightseeing is best during the day so that creative and attractive restaurants and bars can be enjoyed in the evening. Brussels is safe and cultured, so it is a pleasure to walk around. Nevertheless, in some places walking is the best way to see Brussels attractions. Like every big city in Europe, Brussels is also a highly cosmopolitan town because people from many different cultures are used to meet people and are usually open-minded and friendly. It pays off to learn some customs while travelling to behave appropriately and to appreciate the cultural differences in Brussels. These include things you see on the street, such as tipping, small speech, and language. The first trades to come to mind about Belgium or Brussels are usually beer, waffles and chocolate. There are, however, many other companies in the economy. In Brussels, there are a few interesting things which inspired food, photographers, vegetables and animal lovers around the world. Here are some real-life examples of Brussels being a known word in all parts of the world.

Things to do in Brussels

St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral is a magical outdoor and 49-bell carillon of one of the most spectacular cathedrals in Belgium. A few falcons are living on the top! Atomium is a bizarre atomic structure and is one of Brussels ‘ major landmarks. It was built for the EXPO in 1958.

Sculptor Denis Adrien Debouvrie made the small sister of the Manneken pis and installed it in 1985. Look at the adorable girl who takes a wee-wee. Brussels Justice Palace was built in the 19th century and serves the Brussels Law Courts as an incredibly huge building. There are 27 rooms for the courts! The main monument in the Grand Place is the Brussels Town Hall and a Brabantine jewel in Gothic style. Marvel at the façade with numerous statuettes. This remarkable mansion is one of the main attractions of Grand Place. It was once a pantry and now contains a museum. Butcher’s Street is a romantic cobbled street bordered by many restaurants and bars.

A lively atmosphere with street music. Church of Our Lady of Sablon is a splendid architectural gem from the Late Gothic period with a wonderful white façade that shows light. Enjoy the chapels and the organ of the Baroque. Oh, what else? Brussels City Museum is situated at the Maison du Roi, a UNESCO-listed building. It presents and focuses on folklore in the history of Brussels. Brussels Park, the largest park in Brussels, is not only a beautiful place to unwind and relax but also a place full of historical monuments. It’s a must see place. St. Hubert Gallery is an awesome arcade covered with over 70 luxury boutiques from the 19th century. Worth a walk through a lovely attraction.

One of the best-known chocolatiers in Belgium is Pierre Marcolini. Fabulous chocolate pralines, candies and other sweets are yummy. Brussels Mini-Europe Spend a fun afternoon in this park, where all of the Member States of the European Union have their iconic miniature sights. Full of fun! Brussels Börse is a major building in the neo-Renaissance built in the 1870s and housing the stock bourse from now on. Its façade pretty well decorated and you’ll notice that. For 700 hundred years now the Coudenberg Palace is used to be a magnificent palace complex, just a set of ruins. Visit the Museum of Archeology and find out more.


The Brewery Museum is not only kept alive in pubs but also in this museum, the rich tradition of Belgian beer. It is situated in the craftsmanship of an 18th century. The painting in Broussaille is a living painting depicted by a young couple exploring the city of Brussels. It was founded in 1991 by Frank Pé. The Cacao Chocolate Museum takes a clever look at cocoa’s journey from its countries of origin to Europe. Take a tour and finalize with a yummy Belgian pralines sampling. What a museum! Square du Petit Sablon is a beautiful garden with 48 statuettes of bronze. The city centre is not that far away, but still quiet. 

Parlamentarium Visitor Centre offers interactive, multimedia exhibitions on the EU, its bodies and its members. The displays are available in 24 languages. The Halle Gate, once the entrance of the City in the Middle Ages, is now the picturesque gate. The Market of Saint Catherine is not only comprised of fine buildings but is also bordered by great seafood restaurants. The main of the three EP seats in Espace Léopold is the famous European Parliament. Here are additional meetings of part-sessions and committees. And finally, in Béguinage Church Saint John the Baptist is a prime example of the Flemish Baroque style influenced by Italy. Especially the decorated façade is dignified.

Bottom line, Brussels is one stone’s throw away. The journey from London to Manchester take the same amount of time. Let’s see, touch, explore, see and live together. Choose one of our tours and make your day in Belgium.

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