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Tours to Canterbury

Discover why this lovely old town is one of the gems in Kent’s crown. Visit Canterbury with us. The historic town is only 10 minutes from some of the beautiful beaches of Kent by train less than an hour away from London, and it is a perfect place to have a nice break from London on beautiful medieval streets, fine food and drinks and cultural activities.

It’s no wonder Canterbury is one of the most popular destinations of the south with such a character and prestige. Some of the most historic and best-known buildings in Britain are on the World Heritage Site in Canterbury in Kent such as St. Martin’s Church from the 6th century to the tall Canterbury Cathedral.

Don’t miss the amazing Cathedral of Canterbury–especially the old crypt under the monastery. Go to the Roman Museum to see a variety of artefacts and digs, including an impressive Roman townhouse, full of preserved mosaics. Poet Geoffrey Chaucer (1345–1400) has written about a group of pilgrims’ antiquities. Take a look at the history and see colourful characters at the Museum and Experience of Canterbury Tales. Walk around the lovely, award-winning Dane John Gardens-right in the city’s heart. See the centre of Canterbury Historic River Tours from the storm with Canterbury.

Things to do in Canterbury

It’s a stunning architecture and a place of worship and pilgrimage. Canterbury Cathedral itself. The timeless Geoffrey Chaucer, the Canterbury Tales, was inspired by these pilgrimages that began following the assassination of Thomas Beckett in 1170.

Canterbury is an ideal place to visit the surrounding countryside, with easy day trips through Whitstable and Dover, and offers an array of modern attractions, from excellent shops and restaurants to lively bars. Canterbury also offers a wide variety of modern attractions, including great shops and restaurants, lively bars, and also offers easy day trips to Whitstable and Dover, a great base to tour the surrounding countryside. Discover the area and see why Kent is praised by the British Garden near Canterbury

You will find the bohemian seaside town of Whitstable just ten minutes from Canterbury, famous for its shingles and oysters. This beautiful port has been dubbed the Pearl of Kent and is full of restaurants for seafood, picturesque streets, craft shops, boutiques and galleries of art. Get yourself into a friendly pub like The Old Neptune at Shanghai beach or the ‘micropub’ The Black Dog. Every July, the Oyster Festival celebrates fantastic music, molluscs and many more. Why not take the Nostalgia-rich Crab and Winkle Road, a quiet, seven-mile route that linked Whitstable to Canterbury, on a journey to one of the largest ancient woodlands in England?

Good-food-mood, culture, nature, history, warmer weather, warmer people, Canterbury has it all. A great getaway awaits you thanks to our tours to Canterbury. Why wait? Join us!

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