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Tours to Cotswolds

Welcome to the very special, very magnificent Cotswolds. Are you ready to be intrigued by Cotswold’s rich history, culture, and natural beauty of ancient calcareous villages, beautiful gardens, beautiful castles and stately homes?

You will want more from a short break or even an extended vacation in the Cotswolds, and you will book your next vacation in Cotswolds as soon as you return home. Look no closer than the beautiful Cotswolds if you look somewhere with a surprise around every corner. Famous for the mostly English market villages, made of wine-coloured stone, the Cotswolds are a range of rolling hills and are the largest area of exceptional natural beauty in England and in Wales. However, Cotswolds also has a host of award-winning hotels, pubs and chalets and the most prestigious Cotswold pedigree food and beverage, which make up the Three ways Haus Hotel’s famous Pudding Club. Escape the high street and get lost on the streets of the village and burst into the fascinating atmosphere for many of our festivals and events, shops, restaurants and farm markets.


The area was prosperous during the Middle Ages due to the lucrative wool business which makes it home to so many magnificent churches and manor houses. Unlike so many Cotswold sites, Poldark, Downton Abbey and Harry Potter movies were featured recently in TV programs and movies.

The Cotswolds cover an immense area–nearly 800 km2–and cover five districts (Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire). One of the pleasures of visiting Cotswold is to explore the different areas and their identity, but all of which have the characteristics of Cotswold: the golden stone and rolling mountains, the wolves. Some of the world’s most famous and beautiful gardens, wildlife parks, castles, stately houses, as well as several of the country’s finest historic buildings and churches, can be found in the Cotswolds. Neither be put off because of our shortage of coastline! In the Cotswold Water Park, we have 40 miles of lakes and numerous sweeping streams, canals and waterways that cross picturesque villages and villages. The Cotswolds have approximately 25 miles across and a 90 miles long stretch from the south of historical Stratford-upon-Avon to the lovely Bath, crossing six English county’s. 

The Cotswolds in winter has a special charm with quiet lanes, covered with dung and snow-cottages. This relaxing route takes you to two quintessentially English villages across a quiet river valley. You can walk through the site of a grand country house, which on a chilly winter day has a silent beauty, before returning to your life at the village. You decide what to choose for lunch at the pub for the toughest part of the day. A natural treasure for all seasons. Day or night, winter or summer, there is something that Cotswolds takes you in.

Isn’t it time you put the Cotswolds on top of the places where you have to visit today with thousands of miles of footpaths, dog-friendly attractions and places to stay, stunning views, charming villages and events through the year? Join us, let’s explore together.

Things to do in Cotswolds

Take in the wonderful, vibrant market town, visit some of the biggest palaces in the country, castles and country homes; enjoy the natural world in the most acclaimed reserves and some of the most famous arboretums in the world.

The Cotswolds are richly rural: over 3,000 miles of footpaths, ancient forests and wilderness, 4,000 thousand miles of historical Cotswold stone walls dividing the landscape. This landscape offers a rich collection of local cheeses, meats and drinks on the menus of gastronomical pubs, old inns, colourful cafés and excellent dining establishments scattered throughout the region.


Cotswolds Map