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Tours to London

You could see approximately half of what London has to offer if you’ve got five years for a vacation. Yes, If we talk about tours to London you are right in the place for the tours to London. Regardless of whether you like it, whether it’s modern or classic art, monuments and museums, zoos and gardens, nightclubs, theatre, music, etc. If you are looking tours to London, Therefore, London has it all. London, United Kingdom’s capital, has always been an international financial and cultural centre throughout its 2000-year history.

For the reason that every year millions of tourists attract the palaces, museums and landmarks of the town. As the famous saying of Samuel Johnson is, “If a man is tired of London, he is tired of life since all life can afford in London”. That’s right. London has it all; Royalty, science, sport, history, education, art, romance, culture, nature, technology, fashion, drama, finance, fun, shopping, trade, music, movies, gastronomy and international cuisine. Because It’s the centre of the world that always makes you happy about something.

Cultural Tours in London

On the other hand, there live more than 270 nationalities, and they speak more than 250 languages between them than anywhere else in the world. The city is a real melting pot city that can definitely compete with New York City. The underground in London, better known as’ Tube’ transports around the English capital more than 1 billion people a year. There are 12 lines in operation, which you will definitely use because many of the town’s top attractions have their own stops.

Finally, some of our tours completely rely on London Underground for avoiding traffic.

Reliable tours in London

Therefore, London is one of the world’s leading cities. London reliable tours is a big deal. Next, to New York City, it is the world’s largest financial centre with the hundreds of the largest firms. Also, It has some of the world’s most international visitors. London also has weird facts. None of the most famous sights is in the City of London, Buckingham Palace, Wimbledon, Notting Hill, Westminster Abbey, and the West End. Similarly, Strange? Hang on, just keep reading: while you’re at what we call London, which is technically Greater London, the city of London is a little city within one city, with 7400 residents in a slightly larger area (plus about 300,000 commuters). How? There: The Greater London area has 8.6 million inhabitants in its 32 districts (the 33rd is London).

The city of London is home to Paul’s Cathedral, cucumber shape Gherkin Tower, the and Harry Potter’s Leadenhall Market within its former walls. London has even its own mayor whose official title is “The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of the City of London.” Today, London has 7,5 million inhabitants and covers 600 miles, making it one of the largest cities in Europe.

London City Tours

Above all, the famous London outdoor markets, go back centuries where ancient hunting is unparalleled on Portobello Road. For over a thousand years, the Borough Market has flourished here with its also exquisite local tastes. Therefore, it’s a heaven for taste hunters. There are inns also dating back thousands or more years and several excellent parks, such as St James, Hyde Park and Regents with its famous garden and the even more famous London Zoo, which should be included in all visits similarly. Holland Park has a Japanese Gardens, also the Opera House and the Kensington the magnificent gardens and a collection of royal costumes. Hence without a visit to many London museums, no visit to London would be complete. 

Moreover, for the famous Victoria & Albert Museum, Queen of the 19th Century and her husband, Natural History and Science Museums, could each be a day’s tour, and of course the world-renowned the British Museum. Visit London and see The London Eye, which was built in the turn of the millennium, continues to attract millions of visitors every year. The Ferris Wheel is the world’s largest and a 30-minute ride in a glass cabin with a splendid view of the Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and the Thames in different elevations.

Things to do in London

Our city is full of freebies and full of hidden gems. Therefore, this is why people are happy in the world’s lovely capital. Many of the best museums and galleries in London are free of charge. This includes the South Kensington Natural History and Science Museums and from here on Cromwell Street the of Victoria and Albert Museum. Next to the West End is St Martin’s National Portrait Gallery behind Trafalgar Square, as well as Trafalgar National Gallery; they are all free for art lovers.

On the other hand, London is a perfect blend between ancient and modern times, and you can see more than 200 museums and 300 galleries and 150  Thus, events daily to keep you occupied. Similarly, In the morning you could visit the Tower of London and Crown Jewels, and in the afternoon the Tate Museums or Houses of Parliament then may be Harrods for shopping. Furthermore, you will be hungry and worn out if you visit London to shop. The West End offers a wide range of pubs at different costs and cuisine quality. The weary tourist can also see a show after a meal, which rivals Broadway’s best. Many people first visit London and then visit New York City. 

Highlights of London

Likewise, never be missed! Few prisons can say they’re as popular as Tower of London, a sight for over 900 years, unpleasant to some. Its 20 towers are full of royal blindness, armour, jewels and a long tradition of matching history. Therefore, going around London and finding the right sights without a tour company like us can be a dreadful task for many. We use the tube (underground), sometimes we use taxis and our buses also.

Finally, we are here to take you to the city of your dream. Just pick one of our tours and feel the difference. So once you’ve thoroughly explored all these places with us, let’s take you to London and five years more to see and do. Welcome to our city!

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