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Tours to Rochester

Rochester City has become one of the finest cities in England, starting with a small Saxon village.

In 43 AD Romans came to Rochester, building a fortress and a bridge over Medway, as one of the most important cities in Rochester. Rochester built its first stone castle on the remains of the ancient Roman fort in 1088 after the Norman invasion.

At every turn, Rochester sends the story to the cobbled streets and terraces, from the old monuments that dominate its skyline, to the Georgian and Victorian houses. It is a real tourist destination like Canterbury and people from all over the world, especially during the popular annual festivals, it’s worth visiting. Among the major attractions are Rochester Castle, which is always popular with young families and offers fabulous views from the top of the gate and opposite the Rochester Cathedral.

Rochester was a place for living, working and visiting in the 21st century. Some of the traditional old shops and tea rooms are replaced by trendy shops and coffee shops, and the place offers a state- of- the- art feeling.

Things to do in Rochester

Rochester surprises every time when you go. It’s Norman Castle and the old Cathedral overlooking the Medway, curling old house lanes, bookshops and flint walls down the hill.

The sights that take you in! Lined by the foothills of North Kent Downs, the long Medway valley is a great dream. History everywhere! Pilgrims, scientists, naval foundations and of course Dickens. There is o escape here. In Chatham, next door, and later years Dickens spent much of his childhood at the outskirts of Gad Hill Place. The Swiss chalet on High Street is in the garden, where he wrote his novels.

There are many reasons to be in this beautiful historic town. A great destination for a day trip or stay even more to get the great joy from the lovely Rochester. The lovely English town where you bury your heart. Let’s explore together.

Rochester Map