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Tours to Scotland

The warmest welcome in Scotland awaits you at historic castles such as Stirling, among Glen Coe and Torridon's great highlands, and on the white sandy beaches of Outer Hebrides.

Oh, good-looking Scotland! A wild, beautiful part of the world, where you can explore the rough mountain regions or enjoy cultural capitals such as Edinburgh and Glasgow’s vibrancy and colour. The Scots are fiercely proud and rightly so of their small nation! Not only will you find kilts, ceilidhs and misty lochs on your way to this dynamic land, but you’ll also find stellar modern food and excellent contemporary galleries and perhaps one of the biggest art and comedy festivals in the world, depending on when you visit them. Scotland is a European country and part, along with England, Wales, Northern Ireland, of the Island of Great Britain (Europe’s largest island). This lush country is full of green spaces, luxuriant forests, towering mountains, and vast lochs (Lake in Scottish). It is home to nearly 800 small islands, including Shetland, Orkney, Hebrides, Arran and Skye northern islands. 

In winter, the year begins with the traditional Hogmanay’s warm cheer when snow powers the mountains. The Big Burns Supper in Dumfries, the world’s largest Burns Night music, literature and dance event, continues its celebrations in January to honour Robert Burns. It is the perfect place for the delicious, rich and spicy sampling of Scotland’s national dish haggis. What distinguishes Scotland? There are some things that are unique Scottish, but in fact, the country is not defined by a single element. It’s instead a subtle blend of our many ingredients added over the centuries to their mix. Glasgow is a recognized style, design and architecture centre in Scotland’s greatest city. It’s elegant, full of life and life – a shopping paradise and one of the friendliest places to visit ever! Glasgow’s architecture reflects its distinctive character, often called Britain’s finest Victorian city. 

The City Chambers is impressive in its very core, and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum house significant art collections which have contributed significantly to the cultural life of Glasgow for over a century. The work of the Glasgow-born artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a leading designer of Art Nouveau in Scotland, is an unmistakable element in the Stadt’s style. Lowland to Highland, from east to west – you can experience breathtaking mountains scenery, romantic lochs and glens without going far – all the things you’re looking for: castles, pillars, distilleries, gardens, and much more.

It is almost a thousand years old, and today as alive as ever, that Scotland’s culture can be traced back. Every generation has added its own cultural thumbprint from the old clans of the 12th century and has created a unique and vibrant country. More than 50 million people worldwide claim Scottish ancestry! It’s no wonder. Scotland offers continuous natural attractions, festivals and events throughout the year. But many sights like historic houses close or operate erratic opening hours outside the busy summer season. The weather seldom causes transport problems, surprisingly, but it is even in the best of times unpredictable. 

As for education, it is easy to see why Scotland is the obvious choice for students with some of the best universities worldwide, perfect locations and our incredible student life. Students choose Scotland when they choose to study abroad because there are some of the world’s best universities. Scotland actually has more universities of world-class per person than nearly anywhere else! More than 94% of international students think Scotland is a “good place to be”. So, it’s easy to understand why people in Scotland choose to study.

Whether you wish to study or travel, we are here to open the gate of Scotland for a real Scottish experience with its Highlands, Lowlands and Islands. Join us on an unforgettable Scotland tour to capture the essence of Scotland.

Things to do in Scotland

Travelling around Scotland is easy. There's an excellent network of light traffic rural roads, not least in the Borders and Galloway, Fifa, Angus, Aberdeenshire and Moray, as well as motorways and good major roads.

When in town or without your own transport, we are here to offer guided tours, day trips or longer trips to some of Scotland’s finest scenery. This is a good way to view such places as the lovely Loch Lomond or Glen Coe’s rough grandeur. Just check out our tours in Scotland today. There are so many possibilities: picturesque splendour, castles, islands and much more, but you can see a lot on your trip due to its compact dimensions. Scotland has a unique golf history that goes back more than 600 years. Scotland is the golf resort. Scotland offers the ultimate golfing experience with high profile events such as the Open Championships, attractive courses available for every absence and a range of discount passes, regardless of whether you come to play or watch sport.

Scotland’s history is fascinating and complex: there are Roman troops, Vikings, noble clans and mighty monarchs, but there are new discoveries and innovations, breakthrough technologies and unbelievably progressive society. That’s what Scotland is now.

Scotland is known all over the world for its amazing hospitality and warmth. Everyone speaks of Scottish friendship, whether it is the thousands of people who choose to live here permanently or the over 2.5 million people who travel to Scotland each year.

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