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Tours to Wales

Wales is a country that washes over you with his own experience. Outdoor lover, exciting hobbyist, festival goer or heritage buff, or simply wishing to experience new passions? Tourope UK is ready to cover you.

The Wales Way is to help your plan. This new trio of national routes is all about contrast, framing with loops and detours the diverse geography of the country and the heart of real Wales. Some of the unique highlights include the only continual coastal path, covering 870 miles of its shores; the longest zip line in Europe and the opportunity for exploring more than six hundred castles–nobody in the rest of the world can find a more concentrated collection of towering, fences and moats. Without great food and drink, no trip is complete in Wales. 

With plenty of opportunities to experience some of the best tastes in the country, the Wales offer has never been such an exciting one, not only in cafés and restaurants, visiting producers themselves but often with great Welsh breakfast packed with local produce. English is spoken all over the country, but there is also Wales, Welsh (Cymraeg, Welsh). You hear it spoken less often in the west or in the south, but in the north or west, people talk to each other, but people move quickly to English to talk to visitors. Wales offers various landscapes offering numerous opportunities to relax and enjoy a beautiful environment. 

 Art studies at their universities and colleges is a privilege. One of Europe’s finest art collections is housed in their Capital Museum. Five hundred years of magnificent Walesian paintings, drawings, sculptures, silver and ceramics, one of the best collections of impressionistic art in Europe. Renoir’s famous’ Blue Lady, La Parisienne’ and’ The Kiss’ by Rodin are part of the collection. The museum is also home to a massive exhibition of natural history and science, including Dracoraptor Hanigan, the oldest Jura dinosaur in the UK, under one roof.

Wales has a lot to offer. Welsh people have achieved remarkable results in the world of sport for a small nation. They are lucky to have many of Wales’ great designers, and artists like Sir Kyffin Williams, Richard Wilson, Laura Ashley and Julien Macdonald call their own, and to provide talent development support to artists and arts in Wales.

It is one of the longest and fastest zip slides in the United Kingdom, requiring you to start off from a 70-meter cliff to reach speeds of up to 40 mph. It’s fun, and it’s certainly something to combine with other activities, as it will take you only a total of about an hour to complete the security briefing, queue for the zip wire and then do it. Super tubing is another fun thing to do in Wales, a new craze sweeping the Nation, and is an entire barrel of laughter throughout all ages! This giant slide (or supertube) was found in Ebbw Vale, Gwent, and is one of the longest in the country. The best bit, the best bit? You can go down and run against your friends several times! You can even look for it in the rain because the rainwater just makes you go faster. These are the crazy things you do in Wales. 

National Parks such as Pembrokeshire Coast, Snowdonia National Park, Coed y Brenin Forests, St Davids Cathedral is the best parks ever in Wales. Castles like Caerphilly Castle, Pembroke Castle, Castell Dinas Bran, Caernarfon Castle are the top landmarks in Wales. The best sights and landmarks we can consider are Wales Coastal Path, Gower Peninsula, Big Pit National Coal Museum, The Hall at Abbey-Cwm-Hir are the top places rather than the big cities such as Cardiff, Swansea, Tenby or Aberystwyth. 

Things to do in Wales

Wales is a bunch of things that have to be done. The most difficult part of your holiday planning is to decide what to do first! Wales' wonderful scenery and coastline are a top number of explorers.

If your adventure is your game, there are many exciting activities to race your blood. Or if it is a relaxing, entertaining vacation that you want museums, wine-growing and cultural attractions. Many sceneries in Wales are spectacular and important for the environment. Certain parts of Wales were named “National Parks” or “Areas of Extreme Natural Beauty” for environmental protection. An area with either designation is protected from improper development in a high degree. Although those rules are in place to promote tourism, rather than the protection of “national parks” and “zones of exceptional natural beauty,” visitors to the areas can rest assured they will see untouched landscapes. Go trampoline of the cave. There are six trampolines inside which are linked with winding slides and climbing frames, so expect all who come here to pull out. 

This is also an excellent destination to visit Wales if you want to reach heights. There are two double-decker buses with the highest trampoline. Visit the longest named Welsh village. The name of a northwalesian village, now known for having the longest names in any English speaking country, is llanfairpwllgwyngyllgwyngychwyrndrobwllntysiliogogogol (often referred to as Llanfair – pull or Llanfairpwllgwyngwyngyll). For a small town, it’s a big name. Nothing else than two local boozers and the Coop can be seen here, but take a picture opposite to all your friends with the train station sign. In English, the translation roughly means “St Mary’s Church in the White Hazel Hollow near a Rapid Whirlpool and the St. Tysilio Church close to the Red Cave.” The Wire Zip Slide near Chepstow is another highlight in Wales.

We are here to offer you immaculate Wales experiences, full of Welch goodness, history and culture. Let us create a dream vacation for you. Contact us today and enjoy your personal time in Wales.

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