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Tours to Bath

First of all, the city of Bath is described as one of the most magnificent places to visit in the South West of England. The town of Bath is also a fabulous city, especially with the beautiful countryside surrounding it.

Bath was founded in the Middle Ages by the Romans as a thermal spa and became an important wool industry centre. In addition, it became an elegant city with neoclassical buildings in the Palladian period in the 18th century under George III and harmoniously blended with Roman Baths. 

Therefore, Bath is the real turning point–it just can lift your spirits by walking along its World Heritage streets. Georgian architecture is not only photogenic and warm, but also sunny, with sweeping crescents and terraced Circus turning your head. The most significant attraction, the Roman Baths, cleverly exploits the ancient foundations of the city, while the words of Jane Austen, a former resident, shed new life on history. 

Bath is also a great student-friendly city; it is a rather safe and not a too large city to get around easily. Furthermore, Bath is probably the most beautiful and vibrant city of England, famous for its honey-coloured Georgian crescents as well as paved streets, outdoor coffee bars and lively bars. So, it’s the perfect place for learning and being inspired. There are so many things to see and do, from museums, galleries and theatres to bars, restaurants and clubs. 

Bath Tourist Attractions

Something always happens for young people here, because the town has a large population of international students due to two universities. A semi-circular terrace with 30 houses overlooking Royal Victoria Park, the Royal Crescent is the crowning glory of Georgian Bath and The Grade II listed terrace is the most noteworthy Georgian street in Britain and was designed by John Wood the Younger between 1767 and 1774. No two houses are the same inside with the symmetry of Palladian columns and porticos. 

Built for relaxation and pleasure, since Roman times the lovely Bath has been a wellness destination. Both in the ancient Roman Baths and in the modern Thermal Bath Spa are the waters still a major attraction, home to the only natural thermal springs in England that can be washed in. 

Bath and its magnificent surrounding countryside have plenty of fantastic places to visit in the impressive Stonehenge from the stately homes to gardens. Furthermore, the city of Bath offers a wide selection of restaurants, independent shops, businesses, theatre, pubs and numerous tours to the city, which are extremely easy to navigate on foot. You won’t have to look far to find things to do in Bath, because the city is famous for being full of sights and events.

You can do in Bath whatever you like while enjoying the signature gourmet feasts in Bath. Explore time and visit the only UNESCO World Heritage site in the United Kingdom. So much so that, in just a few steps you will travel centuries to see how our former people liked to relaxed, visit the Roman Baths from the AD43. Walk through one of Austen’s classic pages while you walk past the royal crescent and the circuit’s architectural masterpieces or celebrate Bath’s best-known resident at Jane Austen Centre. 

Highligts of Bath

Visit Guildhall Market and worldwide famous Poultney Bridge with its elegant horseshoe-shaped wear. Enjoy a couple of minutes the splendid views over the bridge and weir; the river extends to your right, the hills far away. Sham Castle on the hill (a crazy facade), and Prior Park, once home to Bath entrepreneur Ralph Allen, will be seen from this spot. And, It is time to admire the front of the original Georgian building, bolted by the Victorians. That’s Theatre Royal we are talking about. 

The Circus is the masterpiece that you enjoy the frieze of 528 sculpted symbols, each different, running around the curved terraces. Count the bellies at the top of the parapets and see if 108 are still available. Maybe, this is the entire masterpiece of John Wood which was designed and completed in 1754 by his son. 

Finally, don’t miss the beautiful Royal Crescent which was developed by John Wood the Younger as lodging for gentry visits to Bath in 1767. It was then in the centre of the agricultural land and had beautiful views of the hills and the Avon valley. This picture now offers additional attractions, but the spectacular views of the Crescent itself are still quietly green. 

Besides, The City of Bath has a long, colourful history with many renowned visitors and residents, and Bath is, maybe, one of Europe’s most popular cities. Bath is simply a fabulous adventure although it is the world heritage town. You could not choose a better spot to visit than Bath, vibrant, inspiring and incredibly beautiful. In conclusion, just join one of our tours to explore this Roman city. It seems like you are in heaven. You can’t wait for that, and we know this.

Things to do in Bath

Bath has not changed a great deal in many ways since the times of Georgian gentleman Ralph Allen and writer Jane Austen.


Another feature of Bath is that it provides the ideal basis for exploring local sites such as Lacock and the mysterious megaliths of the photogenic village of Stonehenge. Nevertheless, Bath remains a wellness centre, with a modern, multi-level thermal spa which enjoys rich mineral waters through its underground vein. Such a lovely environment, wealth of independent shops, markets and restaurants attract creativity. Contrary to those, Bath is also full of semi-rural farms, handmade coffee shops, vegan and vegetarian bistros, contemporary brassieres and gourmet restaurants. 

There are many quality products available in the countryside around it. Indeed, it is one of the leafiest cities in Britain, surrounded by wooded slopes and divided between the Avon River and the Kennet & Avon Canals. The city is small, yet it offers great things to do for your activities in UNESCO’s heritage site. So, we will commence our exploration Abbey Churchyard and The pump room. You will have no time to go to the Roman Baths If you don’t hurry, but you can spend about 5 minutes listening to the music in the live salon, sipping a cup of water pumped up from the spring, within the pump room. 

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