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Tours to Cambridge

Beautiful Cambridge is situated in the South East part of England, in the Eastern Anglia area, and in the county of Cambridgeshire, although without its cathedral, was awarded a town charter in 1951.

Cambridge is best known for its well-known university, which was founded in 1284 by Peter House College, the second largest university in the English-speaking world. The remainder of its 31 colleges lies in the centre and beyond, which are rich in the elegance of architecture. In the centre of town, there is an all-week market in narrow streets surrounded by shops.

The Cam River is surrounded by magnificent museums, art galleries, theatres and restaurants, parks and ports. A town ready to amaze you with all the goodness it has. Cambridge has a history which extends over a number of centuries and which covers such diverse subjects as education, sport, politics and cultural affairs. Many customs and unusual terminology at the University can be traced to roots in the early years of the University, and the booklet looks back on the past to identify the origins of much of the University today.

Of course, most people are aware of the fact that Cambridge is home to one of the best universities in the UK, has an annual boat race and is rich in amazing architecture. Cambridge is well known for its respected university, which is currently the third in the world, in Great Britain and throughout the world. Cambridge University is one of the oldest universities and leading university centres in the world and a self-governed collective. The reputation of his excellent academic achievement is worldwide known and reflects his students ‘ intellectual achievement, as well as the original research of the University and Colleges in the international standard.

Although the University is one of the most known attributes of Cambridge, it has a long tradition in the district of Cambridge, extending back to the Iron Age. Over the years, 89 Nobel Prizes winners have been presented at Cambridge University, across a mere six disciplines. Physics, peace, chemistry, medicine, literature and physiology are all disciplines. You can follow the steps of well-known alumni from Isaac Newton and Rosalind Franklin to Charles Darwin with over 800 years of history.

William Wordsworth, Sylvia Plath and Samuel Pepys; and Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Stephen Hawking. Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson, Zadie Smith and Prince Charles have recently joined forces. The late Stephen Hawking and, of course, Wills and Kate, the great architecture. Punts, cows. Whether you were born or not in our historic home town, these are things you can appreciate, but you can only know certain things if you were from Cambridge.

Groups can take a relaxing boat cruise along the Cam River on the Georgina riverboat, or take an afternoon tea with a Cambridge River trip or take a boat cruise from St Ives to the sights of Great Ouse. Experience Fens ‘ heart on a narrowboat for smaller groups. One of the delights in a visit to Cambridge is a punt tour along the world-famous Cambridge College “Backs.” The highlights of Cambridge such as King’s College Chapel, Trinity College, Fitzwilliam Museum, Midsummer House, The Backs we’ve already mentioned above, Cambridge Brew House, Polar Museum, Christ College, St John’s College Magdalene College, Trinity Hall College, Queens’ College, Cambridge University Botanic Garden, Jesus College, Corpus Christi College, Emmanuel College, Kettle’s Yard, Round Church and many more in this lovely historic city of Cambridgeshire.

Things to do in Cambridge

As for the things to do in Cambridge, our walking tour provides the best way to see Cambridge and its colleges. Visit Cambridge & Beyond has more than 140 Blue or Green Badge Guides that provide private specialist tours of all sizes and ages, tours that are tailored to your group's interests and 12 different languages

We are ready to provide this service for you in Cambridge. You can find the bespoken Cambridge tours in our tour gallery, and also there are some other interesting tours you can join here in Cambridge. For instance, a short drive from the city of Newmarket, the historical horse racing home and the magnificent Ely Cathedral is an excellent place to enjoy a social or half day visit. An hour drive from Cambridge is the amazing, medieval towns of Suffolk Wool as well as a number of other important attractions such as Bletchley Park, the host of British Codebreaker and the home of modern information for today’s technology.

Cambridge is a pretty interesting town, and it is not hard to understand why it is so popular with tourists and holidaymakers with so many activities and historical sites. Come on, let’s explore together with one of our Cambridge tours listed in our web portal.

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