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Tours to Chertsey

Chertsey is a city on the right bank of the River Thames and home of England’s famous theme park, Thorpe Park. Unlike the sister theme park Chessington World of Adventure, Thorpe Park is good for thrill-seekers and teens looking for a day full of adrenaline.

Home to over 30 exciting tours, events and attractions. THORPE PARK Resort is the ultimate destination for thrill seekers with some of the most popular coasters in Britain. Get to new heights with the fastest roller coaster riders in the UK starting at 80 mph in just 2.5 seconds at 205 ft. Thorpe Park Resort is like no other island and a must-see destination in the United Kingdom for endless fun with family and friends, offering more than 30 exciting rides, sights and live events. Get on a world premiere when the ghost train Derren Brown’s arrives at THORPE PARK Resort. Prepare to wander on a 21st century Ghost Train that will allow you to wonder where perception ends and where reality stars. This unique, 13-minute experience, created by the mental control master Derren Brown, promises to blow your mind by combining five sensory experiences of great illusion, live action, next-generation technology, 4D special effects and physical transit in the resort. If you are an Angry Birds fan, this is exactly for you.

Fly to ANGRY BIRDS LAND, home to the world’s first 4D experience of ANGRY BIRDS, where feathered flocks roast on the Detonator 100 feet high-speed downhill ride, while Red Bird and Bad Piggies go bump to the classic dodge. Been there done that! Here in the resort experience world-class riding, such as the first winged Roller Coasters in UK THE SWARM, Stealth, one of the fastest and tallest roller coasters in Europe.

Get on the UK’s only winged coaster, THE SWARM or confront the world’s first horror threaded roller coaster, Jigsaw ‘s most twisted traps, with the “outer-vertical “drop of 100 feet. Want more and more thrill rides? Just keep reading. Let’s not forget water rides, Tidal Wave and Storm Surge super soaking, guarantee thrill and entertainment for hot & sunny days.

Things to do in Chertsey

Why not stay and chill in the THORPE SHARK Hotel after an active day in the Thorpe PARK Resort with 90 bite-sized rooms just a short distance from the whole activity.

Thorpe Park is good for thrill seekers we’ve already told, and that is so true. Keep reading to see what you expect. Walkers overwhelm Thorpe Park Resort, and only one goal is survival. It is vital for salvation to be made the sanctuary of the safe zone. Navigate to the security of the indoor bunker, located in the centre of the island, but be warned. Every sign indicates an imminent walker invasion, so keep your head down and move quickly for your best chance to stay alive. We’re going to see you in the park. Next is SAW– The Ride, the first horror film rollercoaster in the world, as you experience a 100-degree (Over 90, just imagine) decrease ‘beyond the vertical’. Oh yes! Stealth is one of the most rapid rollercoasters in Europe. Get ready and get the same brake horsepower of two Formula 1 car from 0-80 mph to 205 ft in under 2 seconds. Literally, your bones travel faster than your body. You hardly can breathe. What’s more? Give try and experience it! If your stomach is strong enough, you can try Colossus. Experience ten exciting reversals with a vertical loop, cobra roll, double cork crew and the quadruple roll of the UK! Dare to ride on Nemesis Inferno? Are you sure? Spin and dive to escape the heat of the steaming volcano over a 750 m twisting track with speed up to 50 mph. Now it’s your turn. Tidal Wave is family fun, especially on hotter days. Enjoy a super soaking flurry as you hit the waters on Tidal Wave 85 ft below. You -and any bystanders not quick enough to escape the wave- are waiting for a drenching wind on our wet and wilderness ride. Cool activity to be cool.

What’s next? Detonator: Bombs Away. Get sight of the resort at the top of our 100 ft drop tower and plunge back to earth at about 50 mph in this exciting, quicker ride experience than free falls. Are you in Rush? Really? Swing high up into the air at 75 ft with velocities up to 50 mph and feel 4G when you slip back to the ground on our air-powered velocity swing. How would you feel if you were in the sword of Samurai? Well, just try it.

Strap yourself into Samurai’s mighty mechanical arm, and you’ll spin 360°, creating forces up to 5G as you spin 60 ft over the ground. Another “physics talk” thing. The Vortex we are talking about. Enjoy 15 high-speed rotations per minute on Vortex, a giant pendulum which rotates and rotates through the air for riders. Take this mechanical giant to 65 ft and cyclonical experience forces. Wanna stick to your chair? Then try Zodiac.

Prepare for a feeling like no other on the Zodiac, which is a serious challenge to spinning. Let Zodiac’s power spin keep you in your seat when you’re backing up again and again. Attractions are tempting, and if you want to feel that adrenaline in your veins, you don’t need to search any place but Thorpe Park. Spice up your London activity by adding this park to your itinerary. We are ready to take you out of this world today.

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