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The park has a large zoo for its visitors too. There are about 1,000 animals in the Chessington Zoo including western lowland gorillas, sea lions and Sumatran tigers. It is divided into a number of areas: Kings' Trail, Sea Lion Bay, Children's Zoo, Amazu, Penguin Bay, Wanyama Village & Reserve and the Sea-Life Centre. The SEA LIFE Centre is packed with fun exhibitions, including interactive rock swimming pools, daily discussions and feeding sessions and a stunning ocean tunnel.

There are plenty of new and exciting experiences as one of the UK's most loved characters, including the world's first Gruffalo ride, comes to the resort. Chessington World of Adventure also offers Chessington Break Packages, including a large selection of comfortable local attractions, between one and four days in the park. Every year, Chessington World of Adventure expands with new attractions and theme programs for children and families

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 The word “Chessington” means everything for a child and his beloved family. Because the town gives the name to one of the UK’s top attractions in the region. Chessington World of Adventure theme park promises a great day out for a child and for an adult who has the child inside.
In July 1987, HRH Prince Edward opened Chessington World of Adventures as a theme park the same year that the M25. Chessington is the capital of entertainment and the capital of world cultures. Because Chessington World of Adventure consists of subject areas which have been laid out in a wide variety of world cultures. A variety of attractions such as park’s famous The Vampire, speedy Dragon’s Fury, wavy Kobra, new guest Tiger Rock, shaky Scorpion Express, Rattlesnake in the the Square of Mexico City, The Wild West City, The Cove of the Pirates, The Bavarian architecture Wild Woods, miserable The Kingdom of the forbidden, the Egypt and Arabia, and Wild Asia. And the Ride Adventure of the Gruffalo River attracts visitors. Chessington World of Adventure has a beautiful landscape.

This is Chessington current collection. We are pleased to invite you to a wonderful family attraction for a great day at Chessington World of Adventure in London.

Things to do in Chessington

When Vampires began in 1990, Vampires was the first coaster suspended in the UK, the only one in the world to fly above the tree height. When the ride was upgraded and reopened in 2002, the first-ever swinging suspended roller coaster broke new world records.

It’s thrilling, and you feel you’re flying. The closest rival of Vampire is Dragon’s Fury. The fastest ride in Chessington is the Dragon’s Fury roller-coaster, which climbs up to 15 meters of steep loops. Peeking Heights; an 80 ft observation wheel is the slowest and highest riding. There are a total of 40 rides and attractions for experienced adventurers and over a thousand animals and a SEA LIFE centre in the Chessington World of Adventures today. 

A’ first’ roller coaster is being offered for young adventurers with the KOBRA and Dragon’s Fury for all over 1.2 meters and the Vampire for those over 1.1 meters available in the park. ZUFARI: Ride to Africa’ was launched in 2013. This is an exciting truck adventure of off-road safari. A theme park adventure and a host of wonderful live safari animals including White Rhino, Giraffe and Grevy’s Zebra are the first time ever to entertain a wonderful attraction together. 

Adventurous guests can get close and personal contact with a host of stunning African animals that roam alongside them while they embark on an exciting journey aboard fantastic off-road safari vehicle. With ZUFARI ‘s 15 football fields of development equalled, the brand new state-of-the-art enclosures for exciting new species such as White Rhine and the Rare Giraffe from Rothschild as well as Flamingos, Nile Lechwe and Blesbok was established. Add to these African animals  Zébras, Ostriches, Oryx and Sitatunga.’ ZUFARI: Ride into Africa’ brings a taste of Africa to Surrey’s heart and joins the park and zoo in an incredible attraction. 

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