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Tours to Cornwall

Cornwall is not difficult to fall in love. Some people remember a kindergarten vacation happily at the coast. It’s a short wave of summer for others. It’s mostly an enthusiastic life-long event. So let the show begin!

Cornwall is full of wonderful golden sand and inviting waters. Although some are easily accessible, others go for a while– but worth the effort. Lying on a peninsula overlooking the vast Atlantic Ocean in the far west of the United Kingdom, almost entirely surrounded by the seaside, Cornwall is a magnificent coastline for almost 300 miles. Cornwall is also the site of the south most south-facing promontory of GB, the Lizard, and one of the westernmost points of GB, Land’s End. Crackington Haven, half a hedge and half-sand beach in a secluded cove, is surrounded by cliffs with views over Bude Bay and the Bristol Channel from St. Genny’s Church. Apart from that, you can walk along the route. The beach is full of rocky pools, full of sea life, and Atlantic wind protection makes it a recommended place to swim.

Cornwall can also surprise you with a lot of stuff. For example, the Bodmin Moor Wilderness with its big sky panorama, fascinating prehistoric remains great hiking trails and a large part of local legends.

The dynamic art scene, inspired by the nature of the stunning scenery, can be found mainly in West Cornwall for example. Cornwall has recently become known for its food scene rivals from London and beyond; Cornwall now has a host of distinguished local food producers and star chefs who put the region on the gastronomic plan. A yummy plan!.

The spectacular South West Coasts Path provides walkers with miles of easy walks and challenging walks to reach the natural environment, which is recognized nationally across all twelve areas of the Cornwall Area of Exceptional Natural Beauty. To the north, the coastline is often rounded up by giant Atlantic rollers and is covered by enormous golden sandy bays. The coastline, which is famous for its perfect surfing conditions, is a hub for all types of extreme sports from coastal to zapcate and climbs the rocks.

What’s more? High moorlands, crystal clear freshwater rivers, harbours, fishing villages, beaches, lovely gardens. Cornwall is ready to touch your heart that none can do. Explore the untouched corners of God’s gift and the county culture with us today!

Things to do in Cornwall

Cornwall also has a great history based on its Celtic roots, Celtic Cornish culture, people’s warmth and friendliness and the Cornish language seen by the names of the village. Travel to Cornwall and discover a vastly diverse countryside…
In the old industrial heartland, Cornwall is a land of fascinating relics from an enormous contribution to the industrial revolution, featuring engineering houses, museums and miles of leisure trails, and has recently been declared a world heritage site. The maritime legacies of Cornwall are never far away along the coast where the local fishermen fish fresh seafood and large ships, luggers and sketches in the Cornwall Breeze every day. 

Take a journey around with us. The sand is white in the west, the sea in the sun is turquoise, the natural light is sometimes blindingly luminous, the land has stones from the Bronze Age, enormous granite burial rooms, Celtic crosses, and holy fountains.

Cornwall Map