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Tours to Leavesden

In Hertfordshire, England, Leavesden is a residential and commercial area adjacent to the suburbs of the northern Watford. The parish is also known as the district council ward in Three Rivers District, and it is a part of the civil parish of Abbots Langley.

Leavesden Green is a residential neighbourhood that is situated partly in Three Rivers and partly in Watford Borough. Leavesden is located in Leavesden Studios, a former airfield and war-time aircraft factory, built on the site of RAF Leavesden and the film franchises of one of the James Bond and Harry Potter were built. Leavesden was a farming community before the First World War. Several households were constructed during the 1930s. The building of the North Orbital Road and North West Avenue began major road network developments in the 1950s.

Leavesden Aerodrome was founded shortly after the outbreak of World War II in 1940. The de Havilland company, having Hatfield facilities, has built two factories for Halifax bombers and Mosquitoes, in addition to a heavy bombers’ and related aircraft hangars. Following the war of Havillands, the factories progressively transformed into a gas turbine plant, which was transferred to the de Havilland Engine Company, which was responsible for the operations until about 1963. The plant was acquired by Armstrong Siddeley, Hawker Siddeley and, in the same hectic year, Bristol Siddeley, and the gas turbine businesses of Blackburn Engines and Napiers, together with the large- scale contraction and reorganization of the British aircraft industry then. The plant was then operated by Bristol Siddeley engines, together with a Stag Lane Edgware factory, and an old Hatfield testing facility until, at the time, Bristol Siddeley (highly profitable company afterwards), forced by public pressure, to merge with Rolls Royce in 1968. Under the name Rolls Royce, the site continued until it closed in 1991. In late March 1994, flying stopped. The first fully operated electronically-controlled helicopter engine was the world’s leading engineering team and the first, common industry-wide, pedestal- cooled turbine blade was initially developed. Today, Rolls Royce sold this engine right to the French company, effectively ending the development of all helicopter motors in the UK.

Things to do in Leavesden

In 1995 the production site for the James Bond's Golden Eye film was taken over by Eon Productions. Leavesden studios were developed, acquired and sold for housing development by Warner Bros. and part of the former airfield.

This is where the story of the Making of Harry Potter Film Tour starts. The former aerodrome, including the studio complex and the adjoining area known as Leavesden Park, are being rebuilt by MEPC plc.

The plans include a film studio, a business media and telecom park, retail outlets and a nature reserve. Leavesden in Hertfordshire today is a great day out for Potterheads. Just pick one of our tours to turn your ordinary day into a magical day experience with us at Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden.

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