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Tours to New York City

This is New York City. Big Apple or Imperial City, whatever you name, there's always something happening in the city every day of the week, 24 hours a day, and that never sleeps.

You have to live seven lives to do everything from big-name museums and meandering to architectural wonders and gawk to visiting galleries and neighbourhoods. Arts epicentre. Sweetheart of architecture. The capital of restaurants and shopping. Setter of trends. The city of New York has a lot of crowns and a fantastic feast for everyone.

There are many of the largest companies in the world. The United Nations headquarters is in New York, with the consulate in most countries. The influence of this town on the world and all its citizens is difficult to overestimate because the decisions are taken on the world’s boundaries often have repercussions and consequences. The city of New York has five boroughs. While Manhattan and Staten Island are islands, Brooklyn and Queens form part of Long Island geographically, and the Bronx is connected to the US mainland. Bridges, tunnels and ferries connect the islands. New York City is known as a diverse city with people from all over the world. This is one of the reasons it is often known as a “melting pot” But the nation’s history lies behind all the business. You can experience how our country started when you enjoy all the modern comforts in New York. This makes New York the perfect place to visit. 

New York City is a destination that blurs even the most seasoned traveller, from Rockefeller City to Greenwich Village. Spend your time on Central Park and Times Square in the heart of Midtown. Take your seat and watch two exciting Broadway shows rise up on the curtain. Ferry from Ellis Island to the Statue of Liberty. See the Empire State and Central Park Buildings. Climb New York’s highest skyscraper One World Tower. Ride in a limo and go through the glitter of Times Square at night. Yes, you can shout while passing by. Visit the Museum and Memorial for the exciting 9/11. The 7th Avenue in New York City is a second name “Fashion Avenue”. This is not just a symphony: Fashion Avenue’s name is actually on street signs. New York Mode has been born, and in New York City there is still a centre for fashion development. 

New York City is one of the world’s hubs in finance, politics, media, film, music, mode and culture. It is one of only two “World Cities” the most important and influential cities on the world-universally recognized alongside London. Many world-class museums, art galleries and theatres are located in Big Apple. The centre for the media, culture, food, fashion, art, research, finance and business is in New York City.

 MoMA we’ve talked about already. Works by Picasso, Kandinsky, and others deserve a wonderful place, and that’s precisely what they get in Guggenheim. Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic, seashell-inspired building welcomes art-lovers from all over the world. They are all in Big Apple await your exploration. 

In Manhattan, the famous Broadway street is the place to view art and perform a musical theatre. We won’t let you leave the town without at least seeing a famous musical Broadway. Street food is art in New York City. Try a hot dog, probably New York City ‘s most popular quick meal, for a snack or for a meal. NY’s favourite Nathans you may try. Smoked Pretzels and shish grills from street vendors at almost every busy junctions of the streets. Taste doughnuts in the city, another famous snack. Although New York is a small city, it has a great number of architectural, design, educational and artistic achievements to boast about. For example, trade began on Wall Street in the middle of the 17th century, and the Federal Reserve Bank has kept 7,000 tonnes. 46 Fortune 500 businesses live in New York City. Its $1.7 trillion gross metropolis is the largest in the US and accounts for around 9 percent of the US economy. The city would have the world’s 16th-highest GDP if it were a nation. 

Things to do in New York City

New York City is dominated by the iconic Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and One World Trade Center, Big Apple’s largest and most famous skylines in the world.

We can start exploring New York on 5th Avenue from the Rockefeller Center, with the skyscraper having an ice-skating rink (winter times only) and an observing deck,’ Top of the Rock.’ Then we go south-east and see the great St. Patrick ‘s Cathedral architecture that was devoted in 1879. The northwest of the church is the Museum of Modern Art (Museum of Modern Art – MoMA), and we’ll see St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue. Come back to 5th Avenue and walk north in one of the many restaurants and cafes along the road. Don’t forget to order NY style Cheesecake! Stop on 5th Avenue at Tiffany’s world-famous jewellery shop. Keep walking and stay to the right after Tiffany’s. You will meet the Mary Boone Gallery together with various international brand shops, where you may be tempted to shop. You will go right from 5th Avenue and eventually go into Central Park, where you will enjoy the many ponds and gardens; fun and excitement can be enjoyed at Victorian Gardens Amusement Park, and the Heckscher Playground will eventually bring you to an end to your day. Don’t forget to pop in Boat House for chill out. Rowing boat takes you out of this world. Alice in Wonderland, where you forget you’re right in the centre. Squirrels, birds, swans, birds will take you out of the city’s rush. New York is a mecca for culture, art and history lovers. 

Make it the Met if you go to only one museum in New York. Even if you don’t care about artistic nuances or the technical genius on display, there are more than two million things covering 5000 years of global history. You can’t help but be impressed. Travel through time to the spreading canvas of Jackson Pollock from the ancient Egyptian temple brought brick by brick. Dinosaurs! Elephants! Whale! You can only spread these words publicly in the American Museum of Natural History without worrying if you offend a bunch of retirees right off the tour bus.

The ever-expanding New York economy is the principal reason why over the last 2 hundred years, millions have emigrated in the city, from around the world and throughout the country. It is impossible to be indifferent to the town. You can love New York City lovingly, or you might be confused why so many people love it. Here we assume that all the facets of New York have not yet been opened to you. The city of New York is true. The content here is more important than the appearance, and it really matters inside. The efforts and hard work are gaining the gloss of the surface. A standard city tour is a must, but the understanding, feeling and love of the city are insufficient. Therefore, discover this fabulous city with us, enjoy plenty of free time. “Been there and done that” today!

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