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Tours to Brighton

Once a small fishing village, Brighton has become a trendy coastal resort after the "first season" of Prince Regent George IV has fallen in love with its place. Brighton & Hove is vibrant, cosmopolitan, alternative and has no fair share of fame and scandal over the years.

You can get to the Aladdin’s Cave for ‘must see’ attractions and experiences only 45 minutes from London by train, 30 Minutes from Gatwick. Based on an O2 survey, Brighton is the most pleased place in the country and offers a city with the added bonus of the sea. There is, therefore, a rock stick, with your name on it, pack up your bags and get down!  Brighton, which is also known as the seaside of London with its geographical situation. The city by the sea provides a place for everyone with a large population of students, the country’s largest colourful communities outside London and working-class families. It offers atmospheric cafés, great restaurants, ancient beach huts with seafood and a fun pier for laughs.

The favoured seaside resort of Prince Regent was always Brighton. He did a lot in this place by leaving his signature stamp by building fine parks, the architecture of the Regency and majestic Churches. One such fine feature is the Royal Pavilion. Once upon a time, this was a farmhouse which became a palace of delight. Perhaps this building is a distinctive icon in the monuments of Brighton. It was finished in 1823, and the monument seems like a Moghal setting with its minarets and dome from the Arabian nights. In the inner room of i9ts, you’ll see webbing tapestries, flying dragons and a banquet hall heavily gold-painted with Chinese wallpapers and mandarin figures. It has also been used during the First World War as an Indian military hospital. Just like the Royal Pavilion, Brighton’s famous pier is another iconic place. People who love seafront fun won’t miss the opportunity to visit this place. You can ride the dodging here and play the slots (Hey, over 18’s only). One of the recent interesting additions to this place is the Air Racer, which will probably lead many children to vertigo. The jetty is also well-known for hosting ceremonies. Brighton Marina, with space for more than 2 000 boats, is one of the largest in Europe. Throughout Brighton Pier, there are 85 miles of the plank.

Brighton has been voted the happiest place to live in Britain, according to a recent study. It depends therefore on many factors, where, why and how people feel happy. All we know so far, Brighton is an excellent place to live and the people you will meet generally seem happy. Maybe because of this, there are many ESL language schools in Brighton that teach English as a second language. Maybe the best way to explore this Mediterranean influenced city is to stay with an English host family and experience the real British culture in an English Riviera. If we are talking about the sea, you should try regional dishes related to the sea, such as fish and chips and seafood salad on the pier. Watch out for the gulls above your head as they are smart, then you think. They know the stall, they know the visitors like you. 

Many things in England are still unknown to people about Brighton. Visitors to this site should first know that Hove is Southern Coast’s largest city and Brighton is Sussex capital. Everyone living in Brighton who wants to visit Brighton must be aware that it is an interesting and varied place of interest. Brighton is a beautiful city, and we are happy to do a lot of work. Of course, most of the work is drainage that can hardly be regarded as glamorous. After Oxford, Adolf Hitler instructed his bombers not to bomb the Brighton Pavilion during the Second World War. After he conquered Great Britain, he thought of it as a holiday home. Let’s keep reading what is survived for today.

When you visit Brighton, you have plenty to do. The Royal Pavilion, Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, the Brighton Toy and Model Museum, Brighton Pier, Kemp Town and, not to mention, Duke of York Cinema are all places of interests you can visit in Brighton. The typical Brighton glitter is found in the town of Kemp.

Take your time here and walk around this village that looks like a village, and you’ll find the Bohemian backstreets of North Laine. There are numerous pubs and tea rooms here to make you feel retro. The York Duke Theatre is the oldest movie theatre built in Britain. The film history of Brighton is rich with a large number of movies and TV shows. It is therefore quite advisable to have a proud place in Brighton the oldest cinema. Brighton Sea Life Centre is the world’s oldest aquarium on the seafront of Brighton. Eugenius Birch, the architect who was also responsible for the West Pier, originally designed and designed the Brighton Sea Life Centre. 

The Brighton Laine area has more than 300 unique shops in less than a half a mile and is one of the largest independent retailers in the South Coast. This is so Mediterranean, and you should not miss this. Brighton has some beautiful textile shops. For all your dolly seamstresses the following shops are a must! Brighton has a wide range of fabulous vintage and second – hand shops. All the vintage shops and markets in Brighton are calling vintage lovers. The two must-see stores are Snoopers Paradise and Brighton Flea Market! Both are packed up in an eclectic mixture of brick a brace, furniture, books, fashion vintage and toys. Who knows, you might find your dream items. Brighton offers a wide variety of food and beverages for all palates. Take a look at the local dishes in Brighton only! Something for everybody is Brighton Marina! Brighton Marina offers much more than just an amazing development along the waterfront. Next, to the marina, there are 2.000 berth yacht shops, shops, open-air markets, theatre, bowls, casinos and water activities.

Things to do in Brighton

As for the things in lovely Brighton, you have plenty of choices. Visiting Brighton would not be complete without a trip to the iconic Victorian pier. Have a stroll along the pier with an ice-cream and enjoy beautiful views of the coastline. A perfect place to take dolly photos! Admission is free.

Enjoy your sunbath with free deck chairs on the pier too. Enjoy traditional sea fun with the jetty on the background, a paddle on the sea, a ride on the jogging track and a walk down the busy Brighton Promenade. Take a relaxing time at the beach or take in the cosmopolite atmosphere of Brighton’s cafés and bars. Visit the very exotic palace of Brighton! The spectacular Prince Regent’s seaside palace (George IV) became one of the most glamorous and exotic buildings on the British Isles between 1815 and 1822 by John Nash. The Pavilion houses furniture and artworks, including original pieces by HM the King and a splendid silver-gilt display. The Royal Pavilion Tea Room overlooks the Pavilion Gardens with its fantastic balcony, which was returned to their original splendour in Regency. Keep on (and dolls) your hats!

The Brighton Wheel is Brighton’s newest tourist attraction to the seafront. The wheel has a diameter of 45 meters and offers a breath-taking view of the coastline, the environment and monuments. The Lanes–The Thistle Hotel is only a minute away. Brighthelmstone historic quarter, once the heart of the fishing town of Brighthelmstone, has a fabulous labyrinth of twisting alleys, twitters and cat creep shops with an extraordinary mix of antiques and jewellery shops lining contemporary fashion specialists. North Laine — Retro Chic, a bohemian bustle of crossroads in the heart of the city’s cultural quarter is the shopping area of Brighton North Laine. 

Whether you’re an international or local tourist or a student willing to improve communication skills in English, there are plenty of things you’ll fall in love with in Brighton. Just ask what to do. We’re more than happy to be your guide.

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