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Tours to Salisbury

This beautiful town promises to steal your heart. No wonder why people call Salisbury the most beautiful city and the most beautiful view of Britain. Known as the countryside city, Salisbury tour firm is surrounded by a landscape that is almost too good to be true, essentially English.

For example, the best copy of Magna Carta, the 800-year-old convention outlining fundamental rights with the principle that nobody, including the King, was above the law is in Salisbury. The 800th anniversary was celebrated in 2015. As for the things to be done in Salisbury, choices are tempting. Stonehenge is world-famous prehistoric monument is located 2 miles west of Amesbury historical town, and 8 miles north of Salisbury.

This hill fort of the Iron Age once stood in the original cathedral. This English heritage site boasts some of the best events of the region including brilliant families’ events like Knights & Princesses. Not to be missed. The Salisbury Museum has collections that illustrate from prehistory to the present day the history and the archaeology of Salisbury itself and south Wiltshire. As you might expect from the museum, there are numerous artefacts from Stonehenge and its surroundings, but exhibits also show the history and the surrounding areas of the medieval town of Salisbury. Arundells is the former home of Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath, located in the close of Salisbury Cathedral. After his death in 2005, Sir Edward legacy to the Charitable Foundation because he wished to enjoy the artworks, images, political cartoons and memorabilia he collected during his entire life as many as possible.


The oldest town in the United Kingdom. This iconic example of English prehistory is immediately recognizable as one of the world’s most popular sites. Salisbury Cathedral is one of the main tourist attractions in Salisbury and is really in the heart of the city. The cathedral is a top venue for both spiritual and tourist visitors, having the largest Church spiral in the UK. Old Sarum lies 2 miles north of the city’s current position at the original Salisbury.

This activity is for our little fellas. Rare Breeds Farm is a registered Rare Breeds Farm (RBST) by Cholderton Charlie’s. You can feed, cuddle, walk and pet animals. The farm offers an enjoyable, fun family day out and is fantastic for all ages. There is an indoor bar with a 500-meter-long, three-footer high zip line, the Tree Top Trail and Nest Swing. There are also outdoor play areas. Old Sarum Airfield operates since its inception almost 100 years after the start of the WWI. It was used not only to defend the country against its enemies but also to develop the aviation industry. It was employed as a WWI training depot, and the original field was used continuously until today for aviation. There are still three of the original hangars from that time, and it is the ideal venue for an airfield visit.

It is the only licensed airfield in Wiltshire and has many modern and historical aircraft, a flight school, parachuting and micro lighting. During the opening hours, the Skies Cafe has a large choice of food, and the airfield is also home to the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection which houses numerous historical aircraft with its hangar.

The goal of the Community Farm of River Bourne is for everyone who enters to gain skills from working on the farm. Ancient and rarer races are the animals raised on the farm. The farm is not a petting farm because the animals are grown to be marketed and raised with the best quality of life available to them. The hens are maintained and sold as meat for their egg production. In your farm, you will sell the eggs. St. Peter’s Church dates back to 1291, if not before. It was first under the care of Wilton’s abbess and subsequently the Earls of Pembroke. It is unusual for the church that Victorian gas light is still illuminated, and the organ is powered by manual bellows, meaning somebody has to pump it in. The lighting of gas makes the church not well illuminated, especially in the winter season, but only in the summer. If you are an adrenaline seeker, Salisbury offers you a great adventure.

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Things to do in Salisbury

The golf course lies in the landscape of Wiltshire and offers great views of the medieval city of Salisbury for kilometres. The greens are of such quality that they are loved by the golfers all year round.

There are 27 holes maintained to a high standard by professionals. Once you have played this unique course, the clubhouse is challenged, and you’ll be back again and again with the relaxing atmosphere. A community-based project to build a working farm for the Salisbury region from the 1960s is the Bourne Community Farm River. It aims to give people the chance to learn how a farm works and to work with others to develop a sense of purpose and achievement. There is also an area for root plants like carrots, parsnips and potatoes. Volunteers can learn the planting, harvesting, cooking and preparation of the growing vegetables.

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